Sunday, August 19, 2012

Welcome to my place on the web! A place for me to let it out....but not too much....oh no! I moved here to my trees a few years ago, with my guy and my grown son. my son has moved east now, but my guy is still here with me....and DeeDee the dog...we can't forget him! It's peaceful here..which gives me time to think, something I've never had before! It's been a long strange trip indeed! I do love it here and that makes me happy every day! :) I love smiley faces, but they always make me think of werewolves! 

Did you know, that there are two full moons this month? There are! When there are two in one month, the second moon is called a Blue Moon....hence the saying...once ina Blue Moon! I love watching the Moon as it travels through the years. I also love the sea! We live an hour from the Oregon Coast, in a basin where there is always a soft wind! No mountains between us and the Coast. In the morning, we have salty-smelling fog..ahh..I love it! We also have wild turkeys wandering around everywhere, and does with their twin Bambis! Every day it makes me smile :) There are bats and doves and woodpeckers and quite a few crows here. Hawks in the huge Pines, looking down in disapproval, I imagine. The sky is clean and large and very beautiful! Sometimes...I stand in the dark that is my yard and I breathe it all in..and it brings tears to my eyes. 

I guess I've blathered on enough for now. I really need to figure out buttons and things...boring..for this space. I will...after I open all the windows and let the soft winds in...

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  1. A beautiful post Terri! I'll read your every blog to help me be a little bit more positive! (I say a little bit, cause I know me) keep writing and your word picture of your home is accurate and very real! Love you lady, keep 'em coming!